Audio Plugins


All audio plugins available for download are summarised on this page. Click on an individual link to go to the details page for that plugin.

The only plugin format currently supported is VST for 64-bit Windows. So, in principle, any Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) running on 64-bit Windows which supports the VST format should be able to utilise these plugins.

You can download the latest version of the plugins from this github page. They are available for free, but donations are always welcome (via the PayPal button at the bottom of this page).

List of available plugins


Please feel free to donate any amount you can in order to help support my development of these free plugins.

Just specify any desired multiple of one (US) dollar in the box, and click “Pay with PayPal”. Thank you.

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The plugins feature the “Sounds Logical” logo. There is a history to this. Read about it here


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