Stereo Panner for Ableton Live 9

Frustrated by the lack of proper stereo panning in Ableton Live 9, I built a VST plugin for this explicit purpose. I know there are (convoluted) ways to achieve this in Ableton Live 9, but it’s all too awkward. I also know that this is fixed in Ableton Live 10, but I’m not ready to […]

AI for Good

I’m delighted to have been invited to present a keynote address at the inaugural IEEE / International Telecommunication Union Conference on Artificial Intelligence for Good which has just taken place (virtually, given the times we live in).

De-Noising Audio using Spectral Subtraction in MATLAB and Ableton Live

Last time I wrote about audio restoration using simple digital filtering (in MATLAB and Ableton Live). I’ve since received another old Havering recording from Walt. Again from an old cassette tape, this recording is rather noisy. In this post, I explain how I cleaned it up using a more elaborate technique than previously. Again I […]

Basic audio restoration using Ableton Live and MATLAB

Walt, the drummer from The Havering, just sent me an mp3 file of a Havering recording from a Stanford College Radio show in 1989. The mp3 file was created from the original recording on a thirty year old cassette tape, so the quality is not fantastic. The aim here is to clean it up and […]

Drummer Found

Last night I re-connected via WhatsApp with Walt Fulde, the drummer from The Havering. Walt happened across The Havering page on Bandcamp, as per my previous post. Fortunately, Walt has previous form when it comes to responding to bulletin boards. Below are the original posters we displayed across the Stanford Campus when seeking a drummer […]

The Havering

I came across some old recordings of The Havering, a band I played in whilst at Stanford University in California. We were active from 1989 to 1991. Perhaps it could be claimed that the songs have aged reasonably well, or then again, maybe they haven’t ? Judge for yourself, if you so wish. All songs […]


It’s been ten years since I started this blog. Until now, I’ve been using Blogger (from Google). I’ve finally made the decision to move away. Reason: the Blogger editor has steadily become unusable in my opinion. For example, it is now impossible to copy-and-paste text without the underlying html getting messed up. I persevered because […]

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