It’s been ten years since I started this blog. Until now, I’ve been using Blogger (from Google). I’ve finally made the decision to move away. Reason: the Blogger editor has steadily become unusable in my opinion. For example, it is now impossible to copy-and-paste text without the underlying html getting messed up. I persevered because of inertia. But the time has come.

So here I am now. On Albeit another hosted blog site (since I don’t have the inclination to configure and manage a self-hosted site). I’ve also gone for a bit of a facelift. The old site seemed dark and closed-in. This is the opposite. Light and open (I hope).

For archive purposes, I will keep the existing posts on Blogger.

For convenience, here is my latest post from Blogger:

Deep Learning Analysis of COVID-19 lung X-Rays using MATLAB: Part 6 (June 2020)

…and here are my most popular articles and pages (in descending order of popularity):

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